Post-Emo Nostalgia 

Day 4

What is it about concerts that make them so healing? At least that seems to be the case for me. I feel unity and support at concerts. Mutual love and friendship for this musical act that has gotten you through some of the roughest times of your life. Your favorite singer was there to sing you out of your misery and loneliness. They made you feel loved and like you weren’t alone in this ugly world. Your favorite band was there to cheer you on when you graduated high school or college. After receiving the call that you got your first “real” job, you’d run to your radio and blast your favorite song and dance! No longer having to worry about your financial state and to hopefully never eat top ramen again. When you finally get to see that band or singer that has been with you through almost every step in your life, you feel complete. You lose your voice from screaming the songs along with them, like you used to do in your bedroom at 2 am after a break up or when you were stuck in a 5 o’clock traffic jam. You make new friends with common interests. You laugh, you drink, you have the best night of your life. Because hey, something’s gotta get you through this dull life, right? 


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