Trip Down Memory Lane

I’ve had the amazing privilege of growing up with some of the best grandparents imaginable. My mother was a single parent and was lucky enough to have these awesome folks help raise me. Unfortunately my grandma is near the end. Smoking 60+ years will do that to you. Luckily, she only lives about an hour away so I have the advantage of seeing her every weekend. Anywho, I drove up this week to take care of her after her most recent hospitalization and I decided to pull out the old photo albums and take a look. What a simpler time it was. The stories she has, the pictures I’ve seen, and the smile on her face when being shown these pictures/memories was rewarding. She’s lived one hell of a life. I love these two people more than words. 

From the Left: My grandmother, my great uncle is kneeling on the ground, my grandfather is behind him without the hat, and the two others were their friends. 1955

My grandmother was so beautiful, def could’ve modeled! 1952-54

My grandfather with my grandmother’s step dad. 

Grandmother with my uncle, 1956. 

My grandfather and grandmother, 1961. 


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