Mini Rant

Tell me why college reaps alllll the money they possibly can? Seriously, if someone has a valid excuse then I’ll shut the fuck up. I’m perfectly fine with paying for my classes. I work my job & pay my way to get my seat in a class. But please tell me why we have to pay for parking, scantrons (a bubble in test sheet), and books!?!?! WE HAVE TO PAY TO TAKE TESTS!!! WE HAVE TO PAY TO PARK. Y THO. I’m already giving them my soul and life savings, now I have to pay to fail a test I was late for because my overpopulated school’s parking lot is full and I’ve had to walk ten blocks….. so now the parking permit I paid for doesn’t even matter. I just realized how long of a sentence that was lol. My bad. 

Mini rant over.