Sunday Sunset

My boyfriend and I decided it would be a good idea to go watch the sunset in temperatures that nobody should really be sitting outside in…… Okay, so I’m a little dramatic…. and it was only about 40 degrees.. But to me, that is freezing. Even though my hands felt like they were going to shatter like icicles and my face was extremely numb, it was soooo worth it for this sunset. 


Cloudy days

I’ve always been truly enamored by clouds. In my eyes, they possess more than a physical being. They are so beautiful, in a unique way. As you get older, clouds signify storms, rain and gloomy days. You have to think beyond that. There’s so much beauty in nature. And sometimes we get so caught up in social media, work and other daily life situations that these stunning things pass us by. All I’m saying is, look at the clouds every now and then. Think back to when you were a kid and you made animals out of clouds and felt no worries in the world. Pretty much, I’m just rambling about how weirdly obsessed I am with ice crystals floating on dust particles in the atmosphere, but my god, look how gorgeous they are!